Rene Catering accommodates all kinds of special events and organizes them with the same enthusiasm, punctuality and success notwithstanding whether the guests are 30 or 2000. According to the concept of the event, we will select the best menu, perfect it with special art of serving, create the necessary ambiance through decoration, choose the costumes of the waiters and define the accents in the meals. A special and unique concept is elaborated for each special event, organized by us.

Our "event biography" recalls the following events:

  • The wedding – Mira Dobreva and Zhoro Tornev
  • The opening – the first yacht port of Dinevi brothers at Sveti Vlas
  • The party – “NOVA revolution” party of Nova TV at the advertising festival in Albena
  • The ceremony – the award ceremony of "Chernorizets Hraber" awards
  • The dinner – 20 years “Dinevi Group” at Sveti Vlas yacht port
  • The cocktail – the opening of Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in Sofia City Gallery
  • The birthday – 50 years of Ognian Donev, Sopharma
  • The ball – the ball of the municipalities on the occasion of the Bulgarian accession into the EU, organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works
  • The Christmas – the Christmas party of Mobiltel
  • The Show – Playmate of the Year 2007
  • The Degustation – first wine fair – 10 years Cheers Group. Degustation of the wines from Baron de Rothschild cellars
  • The Picnic – the international meeting of Austria Telecom staff in a hunt park near the Iskar Dam. Host: Mobiltel

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