The first Japanese fish restaurant in Sofia will surprise you with the best of the modern Japanese cuisine. Apart from the famous sushi, the menu will also include the traditional miso soup, exotic salads, shrimps, cooked in various ways, crabs, crab pincers, the amazing Saint Jacques clams, the famous Japanese Tempura and the Hamachi fish, the natural habitat of which is the Pacific Ocean – between Japan and Hawaii.

As we believe that Japanese food is also the reflection of a special attitude towards health, at HAMACHI we do not offer the standard carbonized soft drinks, but only soft drinks, prepared at our restaurant: Malinade (fresh raspberry juice with peppermint), Lemonade (fresh lemon and lime juice with peppermint and honey), fresh apple juice with cinnamon and ice tea.


 We diversify the menu with new proposals, according to the season.

The menu is supplemented by an excellent selection of wines, served in RIEDEL glasses (the most reputable brand worldwide).

Sushi menu Hamachi (download here)

Dinner menu Hamachi (download here)

Desserts menu Hamachi (download here)

Wine list Hamachi (download here)



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